Legend All Aluminum Trailers

Legend Manufacturing’s innovative proprietary building process builds a more durable, longer lasting trailer. You can feel absolutely confident in making Legend your best choice.

Why All Aluminum?

  • All Aluminum reduces the overall load weight by 35-40 percent over steel making it much easier and safer to tow
  • All Aluminum trailers require less power to tow which increases your tow vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency and life
  • All Aluminum maintains its strength and form for decades even after being exposed to harsh elements
  • All Aluminum doesn’t rust, rot or experience electrolytic corrosion like a steel trailer with aluminum outer side panels
  • All Aluminum maximizes resale values because it lasts longer & maintains an appealing appearance

Why Sudbury Truck & Trailer Centre Inc.?

We’re deeply committed to our top quality products & to our customer’s satisfaction.
If repairs are required we’re here to help! Our facility specializes in all areas of trailer repair: mechanical, structural, welding (steel, aluminum, & stainless), body repairs, paint work & collision repairs.